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Black Ops 4 Won’t Have a Single Player Story, Treyarch Doubling Down on Multiplayer, Zombies, and Battle Royale

For some, this editor included, the Call of Duty series only has one good thing going for it: the single player campaign. Yes, we campaign lovers are certainly the minority these days, but it still hurts a little to have to write that Black Ops 4 is apparently dropping the story in favour of multiplayer, zombies, and a new PUBG-inspired Battle Royale mode.

According to Polygon and Call of Duty fan site Charlie Intel, Treyarch won’t be shipping Black Ops 4 with a story mode this year. Instead, the studio will be doubling down on the game’s multiplayer and zombies, as well as adding a new Battle Royale mode in an effort to cash-in on the emerging genre’s success.

These are just rumours at this point, but the fact that two respected sites are spouting the same story from different sources makes us think there’s a real chance it’s true. Activision has no doubt been monitoring its players and how they play, and ever since the release of Modern Warfare on the last-gen machines there has been a lean towards multiplayer. The simple fact is that most people buy Call of Duty every year for its online suite, not the story mode.

It could be, then, that Activision, in an effort to cut costs and maximise profits, has decided that the story mode just isn’t worth it anymore. These Hollywood-style blockbusters cost a lot of money to produce, but if most people are skipping it in favour of the multiplayer, it makes sense – financially, at least – to cut away the fat. In fact, it wouldn’t even be the first time this has happened with a Treyarch Call of Duty. Remember Black Ops 3 on PS4/Xbox 360? It shipped with just multiplayer and zombies. Maybe that was a tester to gauge public reaction? Who knows…

We’ll know more for sure when Black Ops 4 gets its full unveiling on May 17th. Until then, expect the rumour mill to keep on turning.

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