Blacksad: Under the Skin Developers Talk About Music and Animations in Latest Trailer

Blacksad: Under the Skin Developers Talk About Music and Animations in Latest Trailer

The second “making of” trailer for Blacksad: Under the Skin dropped today, and it has some interesting details about the game. First, the team once again want to stress how much care it’s taking in the translation from comic to game.  It is working with the ideas from the world, and making sure that everything fits while keeping the feel and art style that fans want.

That’s not to say new ideas haven’t been injected. Along with some of your favorite characters, they are adding a few new ones. The trailer shows some of the art designs and inspirations with a comparison to the in-game design. Since Blacksad is set in the 1950s, everything has a style that could only come from that era. Although each of these characters will be animated using motion capture, the actors needed to embody the animal-in-a-metropolis style, which is a bit different than other types of movement.

By far, my favorite part of this trailer is the discussion of the music. It will react to your actions in the game and intensify during certain moments. The main composer is Juan Miguel Martin, and I first appreciated his talent when I reviewed Yesterday Origins for the site. Underneath all the information in the trailer, you can hear the subtle soundtrack snippets with a sultry jazz sound. Some characters will have a separate theme to distinguish them musically. It’s definitely going for a certain vibe, and my guess is that it will be amazing. Check out his music on streaming services to see why I think so.

For the main theme, Pendulo Studios wanted something very different, so they brought in veteran composer, Inon Zur. You can hear a little bit of his theme in the trailer. He has won an EMMY and been nominated for BAFTAs for his work. He has composed music for Fallout games, Dragon Age games, and Prince of Persia games.

The trailer is worth a watch for the music alone, but it only contributes to what is shaping up to be an interesting detective story. If you’ve read the comics, or only clicked on this because it had a giant cat in a trench coat (perfectly understandable), you can play Blacksad: Under the Skin when it launches on November 5.

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