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Blacksad: Under the Skin is the Film Noir, Cat Detective Game You Never Knew You Wanted

A new developer trailer for Blacksad: Under the Skin dropped yesterday, and it and the game may be going under your radar during this busy time of upcoming games. The game is being made by Pendulo Studios and Microids, the same team that made the interesting Yesterday: Origins. The character, Blacksad, is a detective in 1950s America, if it was inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, instead of humans. Do I have the attention of the class yet?

I’m not familiar with the comics, but the developer is trying really hard to bring them to life. During the development, they stayed in contact with the authors, sending them images and receiving feedback. Everything from the world and characters to the art style is being carefully integrated. The studio even created a new animation style to capture the movement in the game.

Despite all the content being pulled from the source, this is an original story in the Blacksad universe. That story has been designed so that newcomers will find it an easy entry point. Fans will have plenty to enjoy as well and will see some of the larger world over the 20 or so locations in the game. The team researched 1950s America for background and focuses on the rise of media with it’s influence on sports such as boxing.

The gameplay is a mix of action and narrative. Blacksad is a detective, so you’ll need to do the usual investigating and questioning suspects. However, there will be a narrative that you can control with decision points. The trailer shows a rhino offering Blacksad a bribe. What you do determines the type of Blacksad you will be over the game.

I’m digging the look and hard-boiled, film noir detective story feel of Blacksad: Under the Skin. It has recently been delayed until November 5th, so we’ll have to wait while they add extra polish to the game. They will release more of these “making of” videos, so check back soon. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more from Blacksad: Under the Skin.

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