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Blair Witch Haunts the PS4 Next Month

I saw Blair Witch in theaters originally. You might look back and think it’s dumb, but it was one of the first found footage films I remember seeing. It was scary. A new audience will be experiencing that terror as an updated version of the game with the same name is coming to the PS4 on December 3. It will only be available digitally at first, but a retail version is planned.

The game will have a different story than the movie. Players will take on the role of Ellis, an ex-cop with “a troubled past”. He’s searching for a missing boy in the Black Hills Forest in Maryland. Joining Ellis is Bullet, a very helpful dog and all-around good boy. Ellis will face the terrors of the woods and his own past as he continues his trek.

At least your terror will be in 4K, and there are other improvements to the game as well. Bullet has new animations and new skins. There are new games to play on your cellphone in-game, new wallpapers, and new content in general. The developers at Bloober Team have been working on these updates and more. They were behind the Layers of Fear games, so they have a fright pedigree.

Check out the trailer and some screenshots for a better look at the game. It’s coming December 3 for you to sprinkle some scary in with your jolly.

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