Blast Zone! Tournament Coming Later This Year

Sometimes, we miss games, and Blast Zone! Tournament is one of those. Made by ex-Insomniac employees, it pulls inspiration from Bomberman, and we will be able to get our Doritos-stained hands on it later this year.

Blast Zone! Tournament loves its multiplayer. Whether you like couch co-op (hooray!) or online multiplayer, it has you covered. The game allows for a combination of both, and the developers are promising PC and PS4 players will be able to play together. That is a big accomplishment, and we can only hope Sony opens those floodgates wider in the future.

There are seven levels with ten different modes. Hear the rumble in the jungle, explode a pirate ship, and even heat up a 1990s dance club. (For some of you, that’s how your parents met. We are pretty sure it was the club, but it could have been a pirate ship too.) The modes will force players to devise new strategies, based on if they are working together in something like Team Deathmatch or protecting one player in VIB (Very Important Bomber).

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For those anti-social, hermit types, (the author raises a hand), Blast Zone! Tournament has a singleplayer campaign. The premise puts you in four seasons of a reality gameshow. We imagine you give other players bombs instead of roses, but we haven’t confirmed that. It also has a challenge mode with 240 goals.

Blast Zone! Tournament is coming later this year with 280 levels for you and friends, whether they are online or refusing to let you play with your favorite controller in your own livingroom. (No one likes you, Billy.)

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