BlazBlue: Central Fiction Physical Edition Now Available in Limited Quantities for A Lower Price

UPDATE: If you want a digital version, it will be $17.99 tomorrow on the PlayStation Store for the Big in Japan Sale. 

Aksys Games has a limited run of BlazBlue: Central Fiction for sale right now at its online store. I took a quick look at US Amazon, GameStop, and the PlayStation Store, and the current price of $29.99 beats all of those other places by at least $10 for the PS4 version. Developed by Arc System Works, the game features 33 different fighters, over 60 stages, and with a story campaign estimated at 40 hours. That’s a meaty game by any standard.

According to my press release, it’s a featured game at EVO and pops up at fighting game tournaments around the world. Even with my limited fighting game knowledge, I’m not surprised to see a game by Arc System Works in a tournament. Those developers seem to know how to make a compelling 2D fighter.

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With everything going on right now, maybe some virtual punching and kicking is exactly the stress relief we need. If you like to give support over a snapkick, the World Serpent Championship will be an online fighting tournament featuring BlazBlue: Central Fiction. It will run from April 24th – 26th, and proceeds will go to GlobalGiving to fight against our common enemy, COVID-19. You can read more about that here.

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