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Blood & Truth Lets You be the London Gangster Your Mum Warned You About

The State of Play presentation wasn’t all artfully avoiding bullies and zipping through space. The PSVR exclusive title Blood & Truth will take a gritty trip through the London criminal underground when it launches on May 28th. Inspired by over-the-top action movies, the team wanted an intense first-person shooter experience including staples like dual-wielding weapons (of course), thrilling chases and firing from those moving vehicles, and jumping from an exploding building.

The team that created PlayStation VR Worlds heard the fan feedback around London Heist and ran with the idea. It’s much bigger, but it brings more than size to the table. For convenience, your inventory of guns is on your body. All you have to do is look down and around yourself to see your guns. It’s as easy as grabbing the next one off your body and blasting away like the Matrix.

They are going for more realism. You don’t have to remain stationary while you fire. Move to new cover, use your environment, and shoot anything that moves. They used mo-cap for the actors and asked for producer Rick Porras’ input. He worked on the Lord of the Rings, Contact, and Forrest Gump. The last one is a little odd for a crime-driven action film, but I don’t blame anyone for being proud of it, I guess.

If you pre-order Blood & Truth digitally (not sure if a physical edition is coming), you will receive some avatars, a digital art book, and the soundtrack. Featuring the acting talents of Colin Salmon (the original Resident Evil is still great), Blood & Truth will finally give you a much deeper look at the London underground as you shoot everything in it starting May 28th.

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