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Blood and Truth PSVR Reviews are Really Positive, Ours is Coming Soon!

PSVR games are a mixed bag at the best of times. It’s never really easy to gauge just how a PSVR game will be received by critics until you’ve actually played it for yourself. Well, the reviews are in and, thankfully, the game seems to be a hit among critics with the game currently sitting on a respectable 80% rating on Metacritic, and a ‘Strong’ 86% on Opencritic. 

Most reviews are praising the top-notch gameplay and obviously high production values, though a few have found issues with the PSVR’s Move controllers being the primary input method. Some reviewers have had difficulties with the controls and movement, as well as the tracking being a bit iffy at times. However, these are, unfortunately, pretty standard issues with the PSVR and its light-based tracking system. All in all, it sounds like another gem for the PSVR pile.

Sony seems to have forgotten to put our review copy in the mail. It happens. A lot. Actually, it happens every damn time. No worries – we’re going to have our review up in the next day or two once I’ve gotten myself a copy of the game. So if you want to read a review by this pleb, hang on for a couple of days and I’ll happily share my thoughts on Blood and Truth for PSVR.

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