Blood & Truth Adds Rhythm Challenges as Free DLC

Sony London Studio has an early Christmas gift for everybody who owns the fantastic PSVR shooter Blood & Truth. To spread the festive cheer, the developer has pushed out a brand new update for the game, and just like the previous updates, it’s completely free.

The new update, DLC 4, is a little different to the previous updates. Taking inspiration from other VR shooters, Blood & Truth turns into a rhythm shooter in the new update.

To do any good in the new game mode, you’ll have to prove your mastery of dual-wielding weapons, as well as your sense of rhythm. The team at Sony London Studio has taken four of the most fitting grime tracks from the game’s score and spruced them up into a brand new musical-based game mode.

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That’s not all. Remember the nightclub shootout where you spend some time ducking behind some DJ decks? Well, now you can spend some time spinning the discs, all without the stress of being shot at by Cockney bad guys. In a strange but brilliant move, Sony London Studio has worked the DJ decks into a fully-functional piece of kit that you can much around on. I don’t think it’ll get much playtime from myself, but it’s a nice addition all the same.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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