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Blood & Truth Update Coming Tomorrow

Speaking of games I meant to play, Blood & Truth (review) is receiving some free DLC tomorrow. The first part of the update is New Game +. This lets you take your unlocked arsenal through those big action set pieces again. You can take that opportunity to add more weapons and find collectibles and toys as you relive your favorite action movie moments.

The developer is adding a series of gun-based challenges as well. There is a new challenge for a 9mm pistol, a pump-action shotgun, sawn-off shotguns, the assault rifle, and dual SMGs. They will push you to hone and refine your skills for speed, accuracy, and distance.

If you want proof that you’re the best, you can see your name on the new leaderboards. These cover each mission and challenge and are scored by your time, accuracy, and how many enemies received a delivery of hot lead. You can take an alternate root in a mission to encounter more enemies to boost that score too. Your score can be seen across the world, so practice makes perfect.

More DLC is in the works. Only challenges are specifically mentioned, but maybe they’ll slip an exciting new set piece into the mix, just to keep things interesting. While that’s on the horizon, the new content mentioned here will be available June 26th.

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