Blue Box’s Abandoned is a Metal Gear Game

Russian “insider” claims Konami is working on MGS6 and Abandoned could be it.

The drama surrounding Blue Box Studios just will not stop. It’s tiring to be within its online gravitational sphere, to be honest, but here we are again talking about the indie studio’s Abandoned – A Real-Time Experience. Whatever the hell that even means…

So the latest rumour goes that Blue Box Studios’ game, Abandoned, is actually Metal Gear Solid 6, or it could be, according to one Russian video games journo called Anton Logvinov. To be fair to Logvinov, he does have a previous record, apparently.

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Logvinov recently tweeted to his followers (in Russian) to say that Konami is working on Metal Gear Solid 6 and that he has known that for a long time. He also states that Abandoned looks like it could very well be MGS6, or a remake. How he can’t be sure, I don’t know. Surely there’s a distinction when somebody leaks such a thing to you, right? Surely you would remember such a critical detail? These “insiders”…

Blue Box Studios has also stoked the fire by posting a blurred image with some bald fella wearing an eye patch. Who else wears an eye patch? Big Boss.

abandoned mgs6

Who cares? The internet, apparently, and fans will be falling all over themselves trying to piece together the tiny clues until Kojima finally appears naked on a stage and declares himself to be the owner of Blue Box Studios and you’ll only be able to buy the game with an OnlyFans subscription. At this point, that wouldn’t even be weird.

Source: Exputer, Twitter

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