Your Boobs are the Ultimate Weapon in Omega Labyrinth Z

Boobs. People seem to love them. Japan sees it differently. Along with creating giant mechs, they have learned to weaponize chests, and all of these “games” are just training simulators for when some threat of annihilation shows up and we need to jiggle our way to saving the planet or obtaining some magical object that cures all disease.

The latest breast-focused game from the land of the rising sun is Omega Labyrinth Z. It’s a rogue-like dungeon crawler that puts you in the shoes of a girl studying at the prestigious Embellir Girls Academy. A local legend says there is a hidden Holy Grail that will grant your wish. It is in a cave near the academy and is only open on the first day of school.

Aina Akemiya is student at Embellir, and she sets off to obtain the Grail of Beauty, so she can feel better about her body. It would probably be easier for her to seek some counseling at school, instead of facing monsters in a scary dungeon, but who are we to judge?

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Omega Labyrinth Z’s dungeons are randomly generated, so you can experience a fresh version of them every time. Combat is turn-based with a tactical RPG style and plenty of loot for a job well-done. Loot can be sold and new items can be purchased in many different shops.

Does this seem a little too normal so far? Well, your strongest weapons are your breasts. As you collect Omega power, your size will increase, and you will become much more powerful. When you reach a Z-cup, you can unleash your ultimate attack, the Hyper Omega Slash, reducing your breast size and your power. You can even use your magic chest to turn crystals into usable items.

These types of games never take themselves too seriously, so expect for there to be plenty of jokes along the way. Check out the trailer, and be on the lookout for Omega Labyrinth Z on the PS4 and PS Vita in 2018.

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