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Bootlegging and Bank Robbing in Latest Trailer from Mafia: Definitive Edition

As I mentioned yesterday, here is the newest trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition. Being a 1930s era gangster isn’t all fun and games. Being part of a criminal enterprise, a family if you will, is a lot of hard work. Today’s trailer focuses on how you’ll be bringing home the bacon or booze in this case. With Prohibition in full swing, bootlegging is in high demand, and thirsty patrons are willing to pay for the privilege. Hauling alcohol (alco-haul?) is only the stepping stone to bank robbery and even more high-risk activities in your shadowy life.

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The trailer is short, but it packs a lot of action. It looks like Mafia: Definitive Edition is definitely not short on that. It’s a remake of the original Mafia game with substantial updates to the visuals, sound, mechanics, and feel. If you didn’t play the original, or you’re ready for another trip into the fictional city of 1930s Lost Heaven, it will release on September 25th.

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