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Borderlands 3 is 2K’s Fastest Selling Game Ever, Now a Billion Dollar Franchise

Borderlands 3 may not be everybody’s cup of tea (definitely not for me…) but it is hitting the right notes where it matters, specifically, the bank notes that 2K’s bosses are currently bathing in after the game became the fastest selling release in the publisher’s history.

2K announced that Borderlands 3 managed to shift an impressive five million copies in its first five days of release, more than doubling the numbers that Borderlands 2 managed to pull in. Furthermore, over 70% of the game’s sales were via digital distribution, which means even more cash in the 2K coffers

“We are immensely grateful to everyone who played a role in making the Borderlands series the global, pop culture phenomenon that it is today, including hundreds of developers at Gearbox and many who have made this their life’s work,” said David Ismailer, president of 2K.

“We also want to thank the Borderlands community. Mayhem does not happen by itself, and their passion for the series is what drives us to make each game an amazing experience.”

What’s more is that Borderlands is now a billion dollar franchise after having raked in more than $1bn in sales throughout the series’ lifespan. Can we expect more Borderlands games in the future? Absolutely. Fans will be hoping, however, that the time between games isn’t as long this time around.

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