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Borderlands 3 Tales From the Eridian Slab Trophy Glitch Fix

Borderlands 3 is quite a large title which we detailed in our review. So large in fact that the end results and rewards of post-game content are just now making their way to light. One of these missions tasks the player with decoding all thirty Eridian writings scattered throughout the galaxy. Which is only possible near the end of the campaign when our vault hunters raid the second to last vault. Plus, even when they’re discovered it does take a few hours to physically interact with each Eridian marker. With that said imagine this author’s short-lived terror when all thirty were collected and the trophy didn’t pop. Luckily, the solution is a lot easier and less headache inducing than you’d believe.

Once you retrieve the device that allows you to decipher those Eridian writings, you’ll be prompted to join Tannis in her medical room. Then she explains the whole Eridian slab situation and how you can approach them and what not. When all thirty have been decoded and listened to head back to Tannis’ room on Sanctuary III and interact with the siab there around ten times. We can’t even begin to explain why this works, but after a few attempts the Tales From the Eridian Slab trophy popped. It’s also been confirmed on a few scarce forum posts around the internet. Should this not work for you than we’d suggest contacting Gearbox directly for them to address in the next patch.

How far are you in Borderlands 3’s post-game? Have you collected all the Eridian writings? Let us know in the comments!

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