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Boxed In Announced for PSVR, Releasing May 28th

Primary colours everywhere

Puzzle games are in no short supply these days with new brain teasers releasing almost every day. Except for PSVR, which has seen its releases slow down to a trickle. Boxed In wants to inject some colour into the PSVR’s darkest days. Dramatic…

Red Chain Games has announced that it will be bringing its VR colour-matching puzzle game Boxed In to PlayStation VR this May 28th.

The game originally released on Steam back in 2017 and, sadly, it seems to have gone largely unnoticed; the game has just two user reviews at the time of writing this news item.

While the game may have struggled to find an audience on PC, it’s sure to find some love on PSVR. Boxed In will be playable on PS5 as well as PS4, and you’ll have the option to use either the DualShock 4, the PlayStation VR Aim controller, or a pair of PS Move wands to play the game. Us PSVR players do love being given options, so that’s a definite plus right out of the gate.

But what is Boxed In? It’s a puzzle game where you need to escape the impending doom of being crushed out by a wall of coloured boxes. You’re armed with a colour gun that can change the colour of boxes. You need to match three of the same colour to eliminate some boxes. Rinse and repeat. And die often, probably.

Boxed In release May 28th on the PlayStation Store. In the meantime, you can watch the game’s teaser trailer and gameplay trailer down below.

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