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BoxVR Coming Soon to PSVR


There’s a serious lack of boxing games on the PSVR at the moment, though there are a couple of decent ones with Creed and Knockout League. But two? Not enough. Thankfully a new contender is getting ready to step into the ring, and that contender is called BoxVR.

It’s not a boxing game in the traditional sense of the word as you don’t really fight other people. Instead, BoxVR is more of an exercise game with rhythm-based boxing-inspired workouts. Think of it like Beat Saber, but instead of waving around faux-lightsabers, you’re swinging your fists into oncoming targets.

BoxVR has been available on PC since June 2017, and there were whispers early last year that the game would be ported to the PS4’s PlayStation VR headset. Since then we’ve not heard a peep about the game. However, it looks like it’s going to be releasing quite soon; it was recently rated by the PEGI ratings board. The rating also noted a release date of January 8th, 2019, but that’s obviously not quite accurate as the game hasn’t released on the PlayStation Store in any region as of today.

It’s not the only PSVR game to have had a recent rating and a dodgy release date on the PEGI website. Just last week I wrote that Desert Bus VR had been rated with a New Year’s Eve release date, but it’s still nowhere to be seen. Hopefully both of these games get released soon – Christmas was a little too good and I could use the home workout.

Source: PEGI

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