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Brains Behind Burnout Series Busy Working on Two New Games, Possible Successor

Danger Zone 2

Fans have been waiting years for someone to take another bite at the Burnout cherry. But their wait may finally be over thanks to the small British development studio, Three Fields Entertainment.

The studio is spearheaded by a team of former Criterion Games founders, which was the original team behind the Burnout series. And according to reports on Eurogamer, they are now super busy with two new games in the pipeline.

One of them is Danger Zone 2, sequel to the crash test madness that was Danger Zone. Over the course of 26 levels and 17 locations, you will be tasked with surviving carnage on the freeways of America, autovias of Spain and good old British motorways as testers are let loose in the real world.

“Danger Zone 2 is a significant step up from the first game with lots more driving including drifting and boosting, a variety of objectives, brand new vehicles and even more spectacular crashes,” Fiona Sperry said.

But it’s the second that has specifically piqued our interest as it sounds awfully like the Burnout of old. Well, in every way but name.

Dangerous Driving is a closed track arcade racer, crammed full of boosts, takedowns and crashes (sound familiar?). And although they have refrained from drawing likeness, it’s what they do best, as they went on to explain.

“We’re taking all that we’ve learnt to develop our most ambitious title to date,” Alex Ward said. “Dangerous Driving gets me back to making arcade racing, the kind of software I am most passionate about.”

Danger Zone 2 launches next month on to the PS4. Dangerous Driving, though, will be closer to the end of the year. We are expecting further news soon, however, as Digital Foundry has a planned meeting with Three Fields Entertainment set up. Stay tuned here at Pure PlayStation to find out more as soon as it comes out.

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