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Brakes Are For Losers Wants to Tell You That Brakes Are for Losers

Remember when remote controlled cars on plastic tracks were all the rage? Do you also remember speeding up into every turn because you wanted to go fast no matter how badly you spun out in said turn? Well Brakes Are For Losers will definitely be right up your alley. It’s a game that acts as a tribute to very old school racing games. i.e., Super Spring and Indy Heat. The gameplay will be an all top-down view with no side scrolling.

There will be over fifteen tracks and ten “funky” cars, local multiplayer with up to eight players on screen, championships that offer car upgrades, in-game race events that may include dirty tricks, time attack modes, leaderboards, ghost racers, and of course, no brakes. If you spin out in a corner, you spin out in a corner. Plus, we can foresee some nasty wipeouts.

Brakes Are For Losers is planned for a Q2 2017 release on PC and consoles and is being developed by Oudidon. A recent reveal trailer made itself known and you can check that out in the video above. The¬†title is currently being show off at this year’s GDC and more information might surface. We’ll keep you updated if it does.

Do you have any fond memories of those remote controlled cars on toy tracks? Any funny stories to share? Let us know!

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