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Bridge Constructor Portal is the Closest You’ll Get to Portal 3 Anytime Soon, Coming Early 2018 on PS4

Headup Games has announced today that its next game will be Bridge Constructor Portal, and that it will release on December 20th for other platforms before releasing on PS4 in early 2018. If you’ve not gotten the hint from the game’s name, this is Bridge Constructor with a Portal twist. You’ll need to build bridges with portals in mind. Ok, it’s not the most exciting thing to read, but the gameplay trailer up above does a decent enough job at getting its message across, so we’ll leave the explanation to the video.

Despite it sounding like a decent little mish-mash, the vocal voice of the internet hasn’t been so kind. The comment’s on the YouTube trailer range from the disappointed to the severely critical. Welp. We wouldn’t like to be the moderator of those comment’s, that’s for sure!

What do you make of this announcement? Are you seething with rage that Portal’s name is being used for this purpose, or are you happy enough to just have something Portal-related coming in the near future? Portal your way down to the comments section below.

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