Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Out Today on PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, PS5 Version Coming Soon

Headup Games and AMC have today released the mashup that nobody really thought would ever happen – it’s a weird combo – withe Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, and it’s out today on just about every platform, including home consoles, PC, and mobile. The PS4 version is among those to release today, while a PS5 version will release soon. The good news is that it’s a cross-buy game, so if you buy it today and get a PS5 in the future, you’ll get the PS5 version at next extra cost.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is priced at:

If you’re on PC or Nintendo Switch, you can get a 10% discount until November 26th. If you’re on other platforms, it’s full price, suckers. Or biters?

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So what is Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead? It’s the classic puzzling gameplay of Bridge Constructor but set within the universe of The Walking Dead. You’ll have to help a group of survivors from the show’s cast make their way against hordes of walkers as well as hostile humans… by building elaborate bridges. Didn’t they build a bridge in Season 9 and then blow it up?


  • AMC’s The Walking Dead meets Bridge Constructor™
  • Create elaborate constructions and lethal traps
  • A captivating plot featuring new faces as well as iconic characters and vehicles from the series
  • Numerous brain-teasing levels and countless brain-eating walkers
  • Make use of movable objects and explosives to lure walkers to their doom
  • Save your survivors and smash the undead hordes
  • Brutally funny walker ragdoll physics.
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