Bring a Buddy to School in Super Daryl Deluxe’s Free Multiplayer Update, Coming Soon to PS4

I really liked Super Daryl Deluxe when I reviewed it earlier this year, and though I had some criticisms, lack of multiplayer was not one of them. It must have been for others, though, as the developers Dan & Gary Games are bringing multiplayer to Daryl’s barmy school.

The multiplayer update is already available on the PC version of Super Daryl Deluxe, but it’s going to be some time until it reaches PS4 and Xbox One players. The press release notes that the multiplayer will be added to the game later this year alongside other updates.

Although the game can be played cooperatively with a mate, it doesn’t mean you have to be nice to each other. Like true, socially awkward teenagers, players can instruct their Daryls (you both play as the titular teen) to beat each other up. In fact, it’s kind of encouraged. Whoever holds the Mullet Crown gets to make all the decisions in the game. To get the crown, you simply need to twat your mate and pinch it for yourself.

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Here’s how the multiplayer came to be:

“I got kind of annoyed playing Super Daryl Deluxe by myself while Dan just watched, so I added in multiplayer,” said Gary Porter, Gary of Dan & Gary Games. “Now Dan has to play too, but he always gets the crown. I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

See, even the game’s creator is regretting multiplayer!

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