Broken Trophies Silence Hitman 3 Completionists, Trophy Hunters Beware

Hitman 3 has managed to recoup its development costs within the first week of launch. An impressive feat, I’m sure you’ll agree. But unfortunately, not everything has been going as smoothly for the ‘assassin minus creed’ game. That’s because some trophies are refusing to pop – something that is proving especially annoying considering this the first game in the series to have a Platinum Trophy.

And the fact we’re are a world of trophy hunters, too.

The main issue pertains to the challenge of visiting all the possible locations that are initially undiscovered on the maps. Once found, the area will be marked off in the on-screen tracker and you will continue on your quest. Yet, despite a number of players discovering every single location, the accompanying trophy is refusing to pop. And the only workaround at this moment in time is reseting it all and starting again.

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Hardly a quick fix, eh?

This has also upset fans for another reason because some had already been forced to start again when attempting to transfer their saves from the last regeneration of console to the next. So, this could be their third play through of the game. From comments online, it also seems a number of other trophies are bugged too (along with frequent crashes and freezes being reported). Therefore, we can only hope a patch will be forthcoming for Hitman 3. Otherwise we’re going to have a lot of disgruntled, yet very rehearsed, assassins to deal with – a dangerous combination indeed.

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