Budget Cuts Sneaks Onto PSVR Today With Physical and Digital Release

Neat Corporation’s Budget Cuts has finally managed to sneak its way onto PSVR, and it’s a double attack. The stealth-action VR game is available to buy today at retail and online via the PlayStation Store.

Budget Cuts has been a long time coming for PSVR owners, so long in fact that there’s now a Budget Cuts 2 on other platforms! It’s going to be a little longer time coming for PSVR players in the UK and Europe, as Budget Cuts won’t release until October 23rd. It’s worth the wait.

Budget Cuts is a stealth-action game where players are working for a mega-huge company, TransCorp. The company is going through a round of cost-cutting measures (aren’t they all these days?) and that means evil robots are stalking the offices and putting jobs – and lives – in danger. You’ll have to sneak your way through the building to avoid being dragged into HR. Stealth is the order of the day, but there’s no harm in taking out a few robots along the way.

The Budget CutsPS VR experience features:

· A Brand-New Level – The game’s launch on PS VR brings the introduction of the previously unreleased Panopticon level. This addition to the game is inspired by ideas and suggestions from Budget Cuts’ passionate community, bringing new challenges and surroundings.

· Room Scale VR – Players will dodge, duck, hide and crawl their way through the office environment in complete immersion.

· Portal Teleportation – Equipped with a translocator gun, players are able to teleport around the office. When activated, the translocator shoots a projectile giving the player a 360-degree view of where the projectile lands. The player can then teleport to the new location if the coast is clear.

· Stealth or Stab Moments – In order to survive and escape, players must sneak around corners, hide behind air vents or power their way through in exhilarating, oil-splatter filled combat.

· Arcade Mode – Accessed through a fully modeled and interactable arcade machine, a ton of new levels and a competitive game mode are available for added fun.

You can buy Budget Cuts now on the PlayStation Store, or pick up a copy from Amazon if you prefer physical copies.

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