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Bugs and Bloopers from God of War’s Development

God of War was a big game in many ways. With its massive development, it had some amazing and hilarious bugs that we never saw until now. A new video from the development team at Santa Monica Studio shows all the many ways that your actions could have, but never went wrong.

In this pre-release gameplay footage, there are distortions of all kinds, crazy or missing faces, and even a dance off of errors. The QA team has seen it all. They were encouraged to take photos and videos of some of the bugs they found during development in preparation for the video you see today.

As you can see, QA is not for the weak of heart. To make sure that God of War was smooth from the beginning, they hired 40 people to help with QA and put them wherever they could make the most impact. It was a crucial part of the development process. Curt Markwardt, the QA Lead for Sony Santa Monica, encapsulated the importance of his team perfectly.

“The irony here is that, if we do not do our job well, it will be painfully obvious, but… if we do our job well, you will likely never notice.”

Check out the video and some of the pictures to see what we thankfully never had to notice on our journey with Kratos and Atreus.

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