Bugsnax Update 1.04 Brings Lots of Tweaks to PS4, PS5 With Extensive Patch Notes

Developer Young Horses has released a new update today for Bugsnax on PS4 and PS5, and the patch notes are extensive, to say the least.

The new update is available to download and install right now on your console, and it’ll take around 1GB of precious hard drive space, so be wary of what little space you have.

If you haven’t already, Bugnsax can be redeemed as a PS Plus freebie, but only on PS5. If you’re still rocking the PS4 (no shame!) then you’ll have to pay for the full game.

Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch Notes /PS5 Version 1.040.000

  • Added weather/rain forecast feature to map page in Journal. May your Poptick capturing be swift.
  • Leaving a Boss Bugsnak no longer permanently breaks the progression of that quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Floofty’s Head Games quest breaks progression after leaving.
  • Beffica’s head transform is now restored after being changed during a quest cutscene.
  • Quest-relevant Bugsnax respawn more frequently if none are present.
  • Improvements to character eyelid behaviour while sleeping.
  • Prevent input from getting stuck after launching the game with sticks pushed down.
  • Ensure quest indicators are hidden during the endgame.
  • Ribblepede movement improved when walking along walls.
  • Noodler correctly drops a held object when it gets extinguished.
  • Key items in the world are no longer physically moveable.
  • Leaping over the boat during Filbo’s section of the end game no longer soft locks.
  • Leaping over the fence during Wambus’ introduction scene in Garden Grove no longer soft locks.
  • Players accidentally loading through the secret tunnel without solving either puzzle will now complete the puzzle so they can escape the underground deathtrap.
  • Gramble no longer says I’m locked up for the nightline when physically outside of his barn.
  • Chandlo no longer gets into and out of bed repeatedly until 2am. (Same – Phil)
  • Snorpy no longer says his Suspicious candle line if you light the candle before he arrives.
  • Fixes an issue where water objects may disappear when camera screen effects occur and the game is paused.
  • Performance improvements with regards to grass rendering.
  • Improve Trip Shot stability.
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