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Build and Destroy Planets in Space Overlords

Has it been one of those “I wish I could destroy a planet” kind of days? If so, you might enjoy Space Overlords, releasing next week. It allows a player to build an entire galaxy. After naming your new stomping grounds, you can create planets, and then customize them with different populations, buildings, and atmospheres. You can then share your galaxy and download other player-creations.

Of course no self-respecting overlord in space or otherwise stops at creation. There are six different overlords with different abilities that can move across the planet and destroy all those lovingly placed buildings and eliminate an entire population. You could even name your galaxy after the name of the company who gives you a less than adequate check every two weeks to really make the destruction personal.

Destroying a galaxy can be lonely work, but Space Overlords will have a four player, local co-op mode that lets you share the wanton destruction with others. There are also multiple single player campaigns, but the best part may be the price. When it launches on December 6th, it will cost $7.99/€7.99/£6.49, and there will be a PlayStation Plus discount.

Check out the trailer, and let us know if you will be gearing up for this creation and destruction game when it hits the PSN.

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