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Build Your Insane Dream Gun in MOTHERGUNSHIP Demo

Many games offer us firearm flexibility, but, outside Ratchet and Clank, most play it safe with variations of a rifle, shotgun, and a pistol. Mothergunship wants you to dream a little bigger. What if that shotgun had 20 barrels? Not enough? What if those barrels fired rockets? Now, you’re getting the idea.

A demo is available today, and it gives you a small taste of the crafting possibilities. Starting off as a recruit, you learn the basics from your goofy superior officer and the local gungineer, Wilkinson. You will craft a gun, and test out your creation against some enemies. Clear the room, and collect rewards to purchase more upgrade parts.

It seems to work a lot like Legos. Barrels and modifiers, such as increasing your rate of fire, will snap into connectors. You also have to make sure the gun will function without any parts blocking each other. There are damage and rate of fire stats for different weapons, and you can mix and match to your preferences. It’s a simple system, but it works well in the demo.

There are around eight rooms for you to try, before the demo ends. Gamers in North America can download the demo here, and the UK demo is here.

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