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Build Your Own Boss in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

With all the games to play right now, the PlayStation Blog reminded me that Path of Exile is on my list of games to go back to soon because the game just launched its newest update. Conquerors of the Atlas shakes up the endgame in some substantial ways and gives longtime players some much-needed variety and challenge. The world is expanded by the inclusion of five exiles who managed to beat the Atlas, but not without losing a little bit of their humanity in the process. They continued to become stronger, and you’ll need to kick their butts now that they have returned. That won’t be easy.

To keep things fresh, you can take samples from the enemies you find as part of the Metamorph Challenge League. You can take those samples and build the boss of your nightmares. Each sample will allow that boss to shift forms and use the abilities of the enemy it came from and can cause you a lot of difficulty if you create more than you can handle. It’s a great idea, and it further reinforces the ideas of player choice that are central to Path of Exile’s player experience.

This is just one part of the new update. The developers are introducing a new currency called Catalysts that will allow you to enhance rings and amulets. There is new equipment and modifications to old items. As usual, there is always something to pull you back into creating a new character.

Path of Exile made it into my game of the year list. It’s a free-to-play game that’s truly free to play, and it has so many systems that allow you to build and tweak your character in some very interesting ways. With new content and updates to old content coming every three months, there’s always going to be something new to see or do.

If you’re needing a hack ‘n’ slash looter fix and your wallet is empty, Path of Exile scratches the itch, and it delivers so much more than you might expect.

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