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Bungie Defends Plans to Expand Destiny 2’s Microtransaction Store

Bungie has today outlined their intention to increase the microtransactions on offer in Destiny 2. But the announcement was accompanied by a thorough and honest explanation as to why, which elaborated on the logic that resulted in the move. Whether it’s enough to convince players is another story altogether, though.

Many had hoped that Bungie’s separation from Activision earlier in the year would have allowed the studio to move away from the “microtransaction dependent” business plans we’ve become accustomed to. And which Activision has carbon copied into most of their recent releases.

However, if the blog post is anything to go by, fans could be in for a shock. Because, instead of ridding the game of the controversial mechanic altogether, they’re actually upping the ante. Or, more appropriately, the Eververse Store’s offering.

As director Luke Smith said:

“Last year, we thought long and hard about Eververse and how we wanted to change the strategy around microtransactions in Destiny. As some folks have smartly pointed out, MTX is a big part of our business being a live game.

“I’m not going to say “MTX funds the studio” or “pays for projects like Shadowkeep” — it doesn’t wholly fund either of those things. But it does help fund ongoing development of Destiny 2, and allows us to fund creative efforts we otherwise couldn’t afford.”

“Whisper of the Worm’s ornaments were successful enough that it paid for the Zero Hour mission/rewards to be constructed (this sh*t matters!).”

So, to sum it up, carefully crafted microtransactions can significantly extend a game’s life far beyond its launch date. It can prove the difference between a development team simply providing updates that fix bugs or a team who adds new gameplay elements. And doesn’t translate into mere profits.

But we mustn’t forget what it can mean for some players, also. Like an empty bank account or unhealthy addiction. After all, there’s a reason why people are unhappy about these things. And it’s not that they don’t like the designs.

If you want to read the blog post in its entirety, you can find it here. Otherwise, visit the comments Tower below and tell us what you think about this move by Bungie. 

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