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Bungie is Ditching Support for Destiny on PS3, No More Content Updates for ‘Legacy Platforms’

Well here’s something that’s bound to be a blow to many: Bungie has announced that it will no longer be pushing out any major updates for Destiny on the PS3, labelling it and the competing Xbox 360 as ‘legacy consoles’.

Just a couple of weeks ago it was rumoured that the latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, would not be releasing on last-gen consoles, and now we’ve got the confirmation from Bungie that the last-gen versions are actually going to be losing content. Ouch.

Bungie has it all detailed through here and here, so if you’re a PS3/Xbox 360 player who still enjoys Destiny, we recommend giving it a quick read. Maybe it’s time to take the plunge and step into the new-generation of consoles…

Has this affected you, or has your last-gen machine already been dumped in the attic? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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