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Bungie is Splitting From Activision, Bungie Gets Custody of the Kids

Big gossip just in: Bungie and Activision are splitting up. After nearly ten years together the couple have announced their split online with the big news being that Bungie will be taking the kids to her mum’s.

I reckon I could make it as a writer on a gossip site after that cheeky intro… Watch out, Perez Hilton.

But yeah, Bungie and Activision are parting ways and Bungie is taking the Destiny franchise with it. In an official blog post over on the Bungie website, the now-independent studio announced that it will be taking full control of Destiny and that the game will be published by the studio going forward.

There’s no mention of why – there never is in these situations – but what does it mean for Destiny and its current outlook? According to Bungie, the studio will continue developing new content and will keep to the existing roadmap that has already been announced. Hopefully that means nothing will really change for players, though it could be that in a few months time Bungie suddenly pulls the plug. Hey, this is the modern world and companies fold every day, despite their best intentions.

In the mean time it’s business as usual. The split is being done gradually so as not to cause any problems for either party or for players. It just means that when you spend money on in-game content, it’ll be going into Bungie’s coffers instead of Activision’s. A good news story indeed.

Source: Bungie

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