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Bus Simulator Coming to PAX East

Our inbox is filling with games announced for PAX East, but this one caught my eye. Bus Simulator will put you in the driver’s seat of one of eight real buses licensed from real companies, such as the Mercedes Benz Citaro K, the SETRA S 416 and 418 LE business, MAN Lion’s City Bus and Man Lion’s CNG Articulated Bus, and two other from IVECO BUS. Since they are real models, you can expect a highly detailed replica with accurate sounds and passenger voices in English and German.

The gameplay is more management sim than driving sim. You will have twelve different districts and a total area of 5.8 square miles to carefully drive, but that’s just the beginning. By successfully navigating the AI-controlled traffic, construction zones, and long distances, you will need to make sure your passengers arrive on time even through changing weather conditions. You can customize your bus’ color and advertising, plan efficient routes, buy and sell buses, and manage the staff.

The people on your bus may cause trouble too. You will have to accommodate special requests, keep your interior clean, and deal with loud music and people who try to ride without paying. (I’m not sure about the bus drivers where you are, but I wouldn’t pick a fight with any of the ones I’ve seen. If they have been drivers for a while, they are survivors.)

For other features, Bus Simulator has a multiplayer mode for you and three friends. There is a progression system in the game, and it’s built on the Unreal 4 engine.

I wrote this based on curiosity more than anything else, but the trailer makes a bus management sim more interesting and exciting than you might expect. For the more OCD among us, this might scratch a very particular itch. You can check out the trailer now and see the game at PAX East. The full release will be sometime later this year.

If you do play this at PAX East, let us know how it was.


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