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Call of Duty Accounts Go Dark Ahead of Reveal

After Eurogamer predicted that the next Call of Duty announcement was imminent, the game’s social media accounts have gone dark. We can only assume that this confirms news may be coming on or around May 30th, and the next post will be composed of such detail.

Or perhaps somebody forgot to pay the electricity bill? 

The rebrand is clearly visible over on the official Twitter page, where the banner has been replaced by a purely black image accompanied by the bio, “Going Dark”. Now, this is a common phrase among the military community, which translates as keeping quiet on public channels as to prevent the leaking of critical information. In the gaming front line, this is a very apt protocol prior to the launch of a new title.

Because nothing kills the mood more than a peaky leak. 

This schedule also bodes well for an extended E3 reveal in two weeks time. But will Infinity Ward’s announcement confirm the Modern Warfare spin-off is again reformed for operations? Keep your scopes on our news channels for future details.

Are you still answering the Call of Duty? Or has the series forced you away without leave? Send us an encrypted comment below.


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