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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Update 1.23 Out Now, Full Patch Notes Here

Update 1.23 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now available, with the download totalling 1.63GB in size. Most of its improvements are targeted at the newly released Zombie Chronicles DLC.

It addresses an issue with over-eager zombies unfairly munching on juicy brains immediately following teleportation, and crashes occurring during the teleportation process.

Full patch notes are: 



  • General Stability Improvements



  • Added measures to address exploitative 3rd party peripherals.



  • Fixed an issue where incorrect voice over lines were playing in various levels
  • Fixed an issue where all players would hear the Galil firing audio regardless of their distance from the shooter
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “fire sale” audio to play too loud
  • The Thundergun will now grant players XP
  • Fixed an issue with time attacks not working properly
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while using the “Eye Candy” GobbleGum
  • Fixed a bug that occurred while using the “Idle Eyes” GobbleGum before a host migration
  • Fixed various collision and pathing issues.


  • Fixed various Elemental Staff bugs.
  • Fixed Panzersoldat pathing issues and bugs.
  • Optimized streamer performance in the map.

Kino Der Toten

  • Fixed an issue where players were being targeted by zombies immediately after teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue where players would experience a black screen while teleporting.


  • Fixed an issue where players would lose their primary weapon after picking up the cymbal monkey.
  • Fixed an issue where wall buys could lose functionality.

Shi No Numa

  • Fixed an issue where Flogger kills were not counting towards daily trap challenges.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause a “connection interrupted” error when deploying the QED.
  • Fixed a host migration crash.
  • Fixed a “Widow’s Wine” exploit.


  • Fixed various Gersh device bugs.
  • Addressed collision exploits.
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