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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Split Screen Goes AWOL

Stealth is the name of the game these days, especially if you want to get the bad guy and get home safe. But the team behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has taken that a step further by sidelining a feature without us noticing. It’s as if they’re special ops, or something!

That feature is the Blackout’s split screen offering, which was also added to the game under the cover of darkness. But why is it now absent without leave?

Well, Treyarch has said very little – publicly. The official line is that they “have temporarily disabled split-screen as we evaluate some known issues.” And that they’ll “share updates in the future after investigating further.”

Unofficially, however, there are a few theories doing the rounds. According to players, the mode had a tendency to freeze during battle royale matches. Or stutter to a slow frame rate. But these concerns have been raised since its release in October, which makes the complete removal a little strange – why can’t it simply be patched up instead of patched out?

That worrying thought has left players wondering if we’ll even see the mode return at all. To which we have no answer. All we can do is wait and see if the Blackout split screen goes live again with the next update. In the meantime, basic couch co-op play still supports the shared screen option so it’ll have to do for now.

Did you spot this glaring absentee? Or did Treyarch pull off a great Black Ops mission? Line up your sights in the comments box below.

Source: Games Radar

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