Call of Duty is the Reason Behind Virgin Media’s Download Record Last Week

Games and their respective updates are getting larger by the month. But one game in particular boasts so many players, a simple patch has visible consequences for internet providers. And I predict this record won’t be around for long. 

Virgin Media endured a tough day last week. That being, the day that had more content downloaded by their users than any before. However, this had nothing to do with home working or even home schooling for that matter; funny cats on YouTube can’t even stake a claim. This record was broken because of Call of Duty – and it’s not for the first time either.

You see, the 24 hour window coincided directly with the latest update to Call of Duty: Warzone, which marks the start of Season 2. Now, by itself, that patch was only 17GB in size. So, nowhere near enough to leave such a mark. However, as Sony refuse to allow our consoles to download anything unless there is at least 100GB of space available, some have suggested the deletion and re-downloading of other games could be enough to explain things.

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Either that or somebody is just randomly picking a game out of a hat; I blame the latest update for Stardew Valley…

It’s not the first time Call of Duty has given Virgin Media a reason to break a sweat – the release of patches for Battle Royale last year saw a twin spike in peak-time demand. But I’m sure both events are nothing when compared to what could have been had the new generation of consoles released unhindered. Because the transfer of data from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5, for countless users up and down the country on the same day, would have demanded a lot from our service providers. So, maybe they were protected from something far, far worse.

Source: EuroGamer

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