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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Announced

During their multiplayer reveal, Activision shared the news that there will be a Beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And it will be taking place from the second week of September. However, if you want to extend your time on the test battlefield, a pre-order will have you deployed two days early.

There are two events planned on the PlayStation 4: the first takes place on September 14th to the 16th whilst the latter is scheduled for September 19th to the 23rd. But, as we’ve mentioned, that becomes the 12th for those with a reservation. Times, however, are yet to be published.

At some point in the future, but before the Beta kicks off, you’ll also be able to pre download the software; we’ll update you as soon as it becomes known. But be warned – none of your progress will transfer to the main release so make sure you’ve got enough left in the magazine for October.

Are you bugging out in search of, err, bugs? Or are you staying in the barracks until the full battle is launched?

Source: Activision

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