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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Swaps the Mini-map For a Compass

It’s safe to say that the multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare didn’t reveal enough for some. Specifically, the greatly depended upon Mini-map, which loyally displays your foes. Instead, it became apparent that Infinity Ward had substituted the easy to reference visual aid for a simple yet convoluted compass. But does this point at things going south for the shooter?

The change comes as a result of the studio’s new found emphasis on tactical realness. They want this year’s release in the series to have an impact on players in a way that none of the others have. And recreate the reality of war, not just an arcade impression. Therefore, the populated mini-map, which wouldn’t exist on the actual battlefield, has been replaced by a compass. Something that is very combative, you’d agree.

However, the magnetic arrow in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will still flag-up the enemy – something which I would have thought wouldn’t have been included, owing to their want of reality (when have you seen a war film whereby the bad guys are pinpointed as red dots?). Not that it has proven much use in preview events.

Those fortunate enough to try it out early have found the system very difficult to adapt to. Their eyes keep wandering in search of the map, whilst the compass blob doesn’t fluently translate your enemies position. Then there’s the loss of visual cues regarding your teammates – the development team have instead resorted to through-the-wall outlines for friendlies. When there’s a wall there, obviously. Otherwise they’ll sport floating markers.

This has all left many players upset. They’re worried that people will hole themselves up at a position of vantage, and pick them off slowly one by one. However, there are a few virtual squaddies who see it as a good opportunity to demonstrate their ability. After all, less handholding will require more skill. Or ammunition.

You will be able to earn a mini-map via killstreaks, though, in the form of UAVs. So that’s something, we guess.

Are you excited at the new direction Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is taking? Or is the loss of the mini-map proving as painful as that of a comrade? Outline your thoughts below.

Source: Twitter chatter

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