Cancelled Superman Game Footage Released By Ex-Developer

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A former lead designer for Factor 5 has released some gameplay and details for the cancelled Superman video game.

Superman has not excelled in the video game space. That much is obvious, and sadly, the Man of Steel’s most memorable games are also the worst. Superman 64 will never be forgotten, and for all the wrong reasons…

But there was a time when the famed developer of the Rogue Squadron games, Factor 5, was working on its own version of a Superman game that would be a companion piece to the Superman Returns sequel, though that movie never happened. Probably for the best, really.

In fact, one of the early prototype videos released by the former Factor 5 developer looks quite similar to Superman Returns: The Videogame that was released for Xbox 360 and PS2. The PS3 never got a port, sadly.

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The developer mentions that the game was ultimately cancelled due to the financial crash of 2008. With nobody wanting to pick up the pieces, and with the Superman brand being deemed too hard to work with, the game died before it could be properly born. And here we are in 2021, still no closer to a Superman game, despite previous rumours. Instead, we’re getting a game about killing Superman. Wonderful.

The developer, who only goes by their Twitter name, Salvatrix, released two videos showing the cancelled Superman game. One is an early gameplay prototype that shows Superman doing Superman things, like smashing enemies around and flying throughout the city of Metropolis.

The second is a “target render” which is what the developers were aiming for. Considering this was to release on PS3 and Xbox 360, it was a very ambitious goal. Perhaps a bit too ambitious for the hardware of the time. It still showed promise, though, and it’s a shame it never came to fruition.

Source: Twitter

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