Can’t Play Outriders Demo on PS5, PS4 Because of Connection Errors? You’re Not Alone…

There’s a demo out today for Square Enix and People Can Fly’s Outriders, but the demo is causing more headaches than it should.

Players are getting frustrated with the Outriders demo that released today. Despite the game being completely playable as a solo experience, it requires an online connection and for you to be signed into Square Enix’s online services.

This seems to be the root of the problem.

I’ve had it myself, too, as you can see in the Outriders comparison video on our YouTube channel. I had over two hours of Xbox footage that would have made for some great comparison shots. Alas, I couldn’t stay on the PS5 version of the game for more than a few minutes at a time. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing alone; the game will stick kick you back to the main menu if you lose connection to the servers.

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The problem is that, like so many online games these days, the demand outstrips the supply; there are too many players trying to access the game’s servers at the same time. This results in players getting “kicked” from the game as the server struggles to handle the requests.

It’s annoying, sure, but it will pass. Plus, this is just the demo. It hasn’t cost you anything, aside from some precious hard drive space, and it’s a rare chance to play a AAA release in its near-final form before release. Still, it doesn’t inspire confidence, does it? But perhaps Square Enix will look at the numbers and make sure there are enough resources come Outriders’ release date, which is… ah, crap.

April 1st.

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