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Capcom Games Added to PS Now Subscription Service

North American PS Now users are in for a treat today: Sony has just added a bunch of Capcom’s finest PS3 games to the game streaming service.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that the likes of Dead Rising 2, Devil May Cry and Street Fighter IV have been added to the ever-growing number of stream able games on PS Now – not Skyrim, as previously suggested by an image posted online a few days ago.

For our readers in the UK, sorry, there’s no good news just yet. Unfortunately the UK’s PS Now service isn’t updated in tandem with the North American service. Heck, the UK version is so far behind we haven’t even got any of the Assassin’s Creed games yet. C’mon, Sony, pull your finger out – some of us are itching to take Ezio for a run on the PS Vita. Make it happen.

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