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Capcom Has Plans to Bring About Child Friendly Monster Hunter

It might sound like a contradiction, but a child friendly Monster Hunter game is being considered by the folks at Capcom. News that came from the dragon’s mouth, so to speak. And that will further expand the game’s audience. But whether it’s a game that can be made more age appropriate without losing its charm is yet to be seen. Then there’s just the small matter of convincing their guardians. However, it’s not a daft decision by any means.

After all, youngsters may be the only ones getting games in the coming year or so as us adults try to balance our ever dwindling finances. It could, therefore, be an absolute stroke of genius. So long as they’re quick to act, mind you…

The news came about during an investor Q&A, where the following reply was given to an incoming question:

“We are planning to develop a Monster Hunter that middle and high-school students can enjoy, so please look forward to it.”

However, no further details were provided. And neither were their plans expanded upon. So, the actual implementation is still a mystery. It has been done previously over on the likes of the Wii and DS, but with those consoles now gathering dust, can the same success really be recreated on the Switch? Will they instead choose to make a mobile game? And what exactly will they do to make it attractive to school students over us oldies – apart from the choice of hardware?

Then there’s the matter of the question posed, which highlighted the apparent disinterest in the game amongst this market share. We can only wonder what has gone wrong in recent years – whether choosing the PlayStation has cost them in the long run. And whether there is any going back for the team at Monster Hunter HQ.

The quality and talent is not in question, but it appears you can’t keep all of the people happy all of the time.

Source: Capcom

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