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Capcom Releases a New Batch of Umbrella Corps Screenshots and a Chilling Trailer

Capcom announced late last year that there was a new Resident Evil game coming to PS4 and PC, though it’s not exactly what you’d think. Instead of being a traditional Resident Evil game with a story, characters and what have you, Umbrella Corps is a multiplayer shooter.

Not everyone was best pleased with the announcement as it really did feel like Capcom was just pushing the franchise in the wrong direction. We can’t really judge it yet as we’ve not played it, so we’ll just do our jobs and pass on the screenshots that Capcom has kindly provided. You’ll find a bunch of images in the gallery below. Just give ’em a click and they’ll enlarge. Then, once you’ve had your fill of images, there’s a trailer down below, too.

Does Umbrella Corps have you interest, or has Capcom taken a step too far left for you on this occasion? Lock and load in the comments section below.



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