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Carrion Lunges onto PS4 Later This Year

Gorge on your victims in this reverse-horror.

Phobia Game Studio has finally announced that the gory side-scroller adventure Carrion will be crash-landing onto the PlayStation 4 later this year – when exactly? We aren’t sure but I’m still excited.

If you have an interest in being a fleshy blob of teeth and tentacle that’s only main goal is to feed off humans, then this is probably the game for you. Unlike other horror titles that will have you running away from the monster, in Carrion you are that monster.

You play as an alien creature that has awoken in a secret, underground lab. As but a small fleshy orb you are scared and alone so your main goal is to escape and of course to eat people while you do it. The more people you eat the bigger you get and the more fear you will spread to the less innocent scientists that were containing you.

Growing also means cool near abilities for you to try out such as manipulating light to make yourself invisible or even possessing the weak minds of humans to get them to turn on each other.

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Not all the humans you face will be running in fear so be prepared to take on their secret military troops armed with not only guns but flame throwers to try and make you turn tail and run.

Krzysztof Chomicki, the game and level designer at Phobia Game Studio had this to say about Carrion’s success:

“Carrion has been greedily gobbling up players during its first year on Earth, and we’ve had our sights set on bringing our tentacle-baby’s wanton path of destruction to PlayStation for what feels like forever! We hope those of you who have yet to feel the warm, sticky embrace of our alien protagonist find that it’s been worth the wait.”

As mentioned, Carrion will be releasing on the PlayStation Store later this year where you’ll finally get the chance to become your inner alien monster, until then I guess we are all stuck being boring humans – sigh.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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