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Castaway Paradise is Animal Crossing for the PS4

The developers behind Castaway Paradise are very direct in speaking about how their game has been inspired by Animal Crossing. Instead of shying away from their obvious love of the franchise, they mention it in the first sentence of the announcement post on the PlayStation Blog. For those of you who miss your idyllic days in one of Nintendo’s beloved franchises, Castaway Paradise might be your perfect retreat.

The story starts with you being shipwrecked on this tropical paradise. Instead of finding a man-eating cyclops, you find a village full of friendly locals. Your life consists of low stress activities like light farming, catching bugs, walking on the beach, fishing, or helping your new neighbors.

You can personalize yourself and your home. As you earn cash, it doesn’t look like it will all go to a raccoon involved in predatory lending who keeps you drowning in debt. You can spend to buy new clothes and personalize your home with items and furniture. There will be different seasons in the game, and that is an ideal time for a new look or full redecorating to change your interior.

The whole mood of the game is to relax and enjoy, create, and make the game what you want it to be. That sounds nice, and it’s no surprise that this type of game is popular. If this sounds like a vacation to you, pack your bags, and set sail to Castaway Paradise on July 31st.

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