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Cat Quest Pawsome Pack Will Include 2 Adorable Pins for Retail Release

PQube and developer Gentlebros have told us today that players who buy the retail editions of Cat Quest and Cat Quest II, bundled together as Cat Quest Pawsome Pack, will receive an extra bonus goodie for their money.

In addition to the games on a physical disc/cartridge (it’s releasing on Switch, too) players will get a pair of pin badges. It’s a neat extra for those who care for such trinkets, but there is a snag: they’ll only be from selected retailers. At this time the confirmed retailers are GAME in the UK, Fnac in France, VGP in Canada, with more to be confirmed at a later date.

Cat Quest Pawsome Pack is set to release this Spring on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, though there’s no actual release date confirmed at this time. If you’ve not read our Cat Quest 2 review, you can check it out here.

From the press release:

“When Cat Quest made its debut in 2017, it took the world of indie adventures by storm! The adorable art style, clever quest, and combat design, as well as an infamous amount of cat puns, helped it become an instant fan favourite! The much-awaited sequel did not take long to follow and introduced the most requested feature two years later: Cat Quest II, featuring two-person co-op multiplayer, expanded the universe with a whole new story, introduced dogs and their Lupus Empire and much more! The Pawsome Pack includes both games on one disc or cartridge, and will feature a reversible cover that is exclusively Cat Quest II for those who want to complete their set!”

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