Catch and Release is the VR Fishing Game You Never Knew You Wanted

Who doesn’t love fishing? What’s more relaxing than sitting on a boat while you wait for some poor creature to come and bite on your sharp and nasty hook? We bloody love it! Fish and chips is the team dinner tonight, actually.

If you’re a fan of fishing but don’t PETA knocking on your door or harassing you on Twitter, you can score the big one from the comfort of your living room with Catch and Release for PSVR.

There’s no release date as of yet for Catch and Release – all we’re going off of is an invitation email to preview the game, and that’s where the following information has come from:

  • Stylized, beautiful postcard approach to graphics – Every view makes you feel like you’re on vacation
  • Rowing in VR! – The first game to pull off VR rowing mechanics. Get anywhere on the lake, with no motion sickness!
  • The goal is to relax, not to stress! – Explore the lake, find treasure, listen to the radio, interact with items in your boat and catch fish in the mission-based campaign or with no timers or requirements in free play mode!

With playful, captivating gameplay and a striking art style, Catch & Release gives players the opportunity to interact with a beautiful world, catch fish, find treasure and row their own little boat through a serene and detailed lake environment. You’ll dive in for ten minutes and step off the boat without realising two hours have passed.

Featuring interesting items to use and manipulate, exciting fishing gameplay and the option to just sit and enjoy beautiful lakes and landscapes combine for an experience unlike anything else. Catch & Release has been built from the ground up for VR and tracked controllers.

We do love our chilled games here at Pure PlayStation, so we’re definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one. Fishing is cool. We’re bringing it back.

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What say you? Will you be putting your worm out to see what bites? Sounds like this writer’s teenage party years…

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