Catch Up on Fairy Tail Characters and Stories in Lucy’s House

I’ve been reading the manga for Fairy Tail, and it’s a universe that just keeps expanding with more locations and characters. Recognizing that some are new to the series or may need a refresher, the developers created Lucy’s House inside the Fairy Tail game. Located down a few stairs inside the original Fairy Tail guild house, Lucy’s House is filled with ways to get caught up on the story from the start of the anime (next on my list) to where the game starts. You can also change costumes, listen to the soundtrack, watch cutscenes, and trade candy you find for rewards. There’s a lot going on here, so you may want to visit often as a place to rest after all the action.

The story starts in the middle of a fight at the end of the Tenrou Island Arc. After meeting on the holy ground of Tenrou Island to choose a new S-class mage, the guild is ambushed by Hades, and they’ll need to work hard to restore Fairy Tail to its full glory. The story covers everything from Tenrou Island through the Tartaros arc and more.

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The developer Gust is jamming everything it can into the experience. There are sixteen playable characters, a laboratory where you can create lacrima, a bar to purchase buffs for your team, and a shop to improve your characters. The latest improvement is the inclusion of the unison raid which allows characters to combine magic for powerful attacks. You can see it in action in the trailer.

Check out the screenshots from the PlayStation Blog to see Lucy’s House, and you can visit it yourself when Fairy Tail releases on July 31st in the US and July 30th in Europe.

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