Catherine: Full Body Decisions Trailer and Demo Drop

Catherine: Full Body turns up the heat in a new trailer that sees main character, Vincent, in the middle of a conundrum of his own making. This love triangle (or as Atlus says now, a square) leads to a death spiral of stress as he must choose between Catherine, Katherine, and Rin. It could also lead to his actual death. Just like the knight at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade advised, choose wisely.

To know whether this relationship story is one you want to see, a demo is available on the PSN right now. It weighs in at a reasonable 4.97 GB and offers a chunk of the game. You can hear the voice talents of Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Michelle Ruff, and Brianna Knickerbocker. From double the puzzles of the original to a crazy story, it should be a wild ride. If you just want that story, you can use “Safety Mode” to skip that pesky puzzle.

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Catherine: Full Body is one of the first games to start that descent into wallet madness, when games launch faster than you can play them. Coming September 3rd, it’s a remake of a PS3 game originally released in 2011 with more content, more music, and more visual splendor. Catherine is a game I always meant to play and actually own on the PS3, but I may skip it for this remake.

Check out the trailer and demo to see if it’s one you need to add to your future backlog.

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